You move markets, we automate movements.

The measurement and control system is one of the central pillars of the automation technology and it covers a wide field. Whether in production, in the HVAC segment or in test stands – electrical measurement and control (EMSR) is the core of Industry 4.0. Reliable CAE hardware planning, our in-house switching system construction and the software programming including accurately fitting visualizations interact seamlessly for this purpose.

Commissioning and support for control systems

After planning and installing all components, we support you from the commissioning of the systems up to additional optimizations and care for the control system.

Control systems

Controlled processes are often used in the HVAC systems segment. This also includes the optimal integration of systems for the cogeneration of heat and power (KWK) or combined heat and power plants (BHKW) in the building systems. An accurately fitting control of cooling water or compressed air systems is also of great importance for industrial applications and the test stand technology.

Electrical installation for control systems

We plan and install all electrical components required for a smooth operation of the control systems. We offer everything from a single source with respect to all other planning, installation and commissioning steps of your automation.

Generation of control diagrams as per VDI 3814

Precise planning is mandatory for automation and control systems. Recognized rules of technology, such as VDI 3814, are the basis for the building automation. We strictly adhere to these guidelines when generating control/automation schematics and we are supported by state-of-the-art software, such as TRIC.

Hardware planning on CAE systems

Based on your requirements, the implementation of automation and control systems starts in the hardware planning department. State-of-the-art CAE systems such as EPLAN 5.XX or EPLAN Electric P8 are our tools to be able to live up to your individual requirements.

Industrial bus systems

Communication between the involved system components is mandatory to enliven the control systems. This information exchange is regulated by field bus systems. For example, the KNX standard is internationally recognized. For many years now we have progressed by using the respectively current systems and therefore we can daily access our treasure trove of experience.

Power and control cabinets for HVAC and E-control

HVAC systems and many other applications in the measurement and control segment mandatorily require reliable switching systems and their diligent planning. Both services are provided by our in-house switching cabinet construction department in Dingolfing. Our power and control cabinets include all the technology required for a high degree of automation in your application segment.

Programmable logic control (PLC)

The PLC programming is the most used control device in practical applications. The programming of these micro-controllers gives life to a control system. Systems planned by us include high-performance components, among others from the manufacturers Siemens and B&R.

System visualization

How can automated systems and their processes and variables be controlled? An optimal operation is often not possible without a user friendly visualization. By providing individual system visualization, we help you to make all processes and variables visible and controllable.