High-performance and professional

Since 1920, power engineering helped us to grow. We are focused on planning, conception, installation, commissioning, but also on service and maintenance work of electrical power engineering systems. From standard to individual applications, we offer high quality and permanent solutions to advance your project with energy.

Cable trays & routing systems

Power lines are our main traffic arteries. Large projects often include several hundred kilometers of cable with totally different cross sections. This may also include busbars for the medium and low voltage segment. Other designs of the routing systems are known, for example, as cable trays, mesh trays, risers or underfloor and parapet ducts. For this purpose, a diligent and space saving planning of the tray routing is required to design the actual tray construction as efficiently as possible, also with respect to the cable routing of other trades.

EIB/KNX and Wago installations

The European Installation Bus (EIB), today mainly designated as KNX (derived from the temporary name KONNEX) is a field bus for building automation. The switching of light, shading, HVAC, locking and alarm systems – also through remote monitoring and control – can be manually or automatically controlled by the user. The systems are planned in the expert departments responsible for the required application area. Of course, we also take care of the installation and the wiring of all components, we commission the systems, support you during operation and we assume new configurations and supplements.

Electrical installations

From cable routing through the distributor installation up to the installation of switches and electrical outlets as well as the connection of lamps and machines, we establish connections that meet your requirements. The electrical installation is the core of our services and it establishes the link between all our other offerings.

Industrial bus systems

Communication between the involved system components is mandatory to enliven the control systems. This information exchange is regulated by field bus systems. For example, the KNX standard is internationally recognized. For many years now we have progressed by using the respectively current systems and therefore we can daily access our treasure trove of experience.

Installation of HVAC systems

In addition to the electrical connection of machines and production systems, we also provide the installation of heating and ventilation systems. Our departments also work in cooperation at the respective control systems and the construction of individually planned power and control cabinets.

Lighting systems

The energy revolution also addresses the lighting development of office rooms, production and storage halls. Starting with the planning of the lighting system through the selection of efficient, long-lasting illuminants and last but not least the development of an intelligent lighting control system: We ensure that you and your employees are never in the dark!

Satellite and antenna systems

Independent of whether this requires the installation of digital TV (e.g. In residential areas or hotel buildings) (DVB) or the trunking on factory premises: We assumes the entire work with respect to planning and installation of Sat-systems and antenna technology. In this context, we also offer the respective downstream technology for complex systems to ensure that an optimal signal is received at each terminal.

Solar systems

The sun offers an almost limitless amount of energy. We make this energy usable for you by offering photovoltaic systems and the appropriate storage systems. Whether in open areas, at facades or traditionally on the roof: Use the sun energy for your purposes! We support you with our knowhow up to the megawatt range.

Lightning protection systems

Depending on the area, the general annual lightning frequency in Germany is between 0.5 and 10 lightning strikes per square kilometer. The probability of a direct strike is therefore not very high, however, the occurring damages can be disastrous when no protection is installed. For the external lightning protection, we install systems such as arresting devices, discharge and grounding systems as well as surge protection devices (SPD) for the internal lightning protection. The latter also protects against the direct impact of high voltages if lightning strikes at a distance.

Potential equalization

Electrical equipment, ground and external, conducting parts can assume different electrical voltages. This potential difference can result in hazardous contact voltages. The potential equalization counteracts this. Even in buildings it ensures that we stand securely on the ground and are protected against voltages.

Emergency power and UPS systems

A failure or an outage of energy supply is for many of our customers a critical event. This is because production processes are disturbed, security systems no longer function, and human lives could be at risk. To guard against such cases, especially critical areas will continuously be supplied by one of the following:

  • Emergency power system
  • Uninterrupted power supply (UPS)

In addition to the respective planning and implementation in your project, our control cabinet construction also produces individual control cabinets for these systems.

Ex-proof and tank system installation

Electrical installations in hazardous areas require special attention. A number of safety regulations must be observed during installation but also later during the operation of, for example, tank systems, special storage facilities, or airfield refueling systems. We also have many years of experience in this area and ensure safe operation.