Voltage up to 36 kV? No problem for us!

Starting in the 1950s, Bachner Elektro addressed the interfaces of the different network levels as part of the electrification of the rural regions. A comprehensive knowledge in the low and medium voltage segment was obtained in the course of time as the result of many industrial installations and a continuous expansion of the experience. This was concentrated in 2019 in a cross-location department, which implements our own projects in addition to supporting the implementation of complete orde

Busbar systems

In contrast to the use of cables, busbar use offers a variety of benefits for many applications. Flexible connection options that can also be easily changed after completion are a benefit that can be utilized especially during the modification of production lines. The use of busbars offers also some benefits during the planning of energy transport and distribution due to a combination of design tested and pre-fabricated components.

Cable construction and installation up to 52 kV

We provide all cable construction and connection works up to 52 kV. We are very familiar with cable cross sections starting at 50 mm². You can trust us!

Compensation systems

The compensation systems play a decisive role for the network operation and the network dimensioning. For example, the reactive power is already covered at the place of origin. This reduces voltage drops and ultimately the stress on operating resources. We support you during the conception, the planning and the erection of compensation systems.

Distribution network stations

Transformer stations transform electrical energy from high and highest voltage networks to the medium voltage level. Using distribution network stations, the current is supplied downstream to the required subsequent use. We can also be your preferred contact for this application.

Heavy load/distribution network core units (S-stations)

Performance intensive, large area industrial productions often need to supply many load core units. The medium voltage is transformed to a low voltage level using an S-station at the demand location. The shortened cable routes permit the reduction of cable cross sections and prevent conduction losses. We address your individual requirements during the planning, construction and operation.

Low and medium voltage networks for the supply of energy

Distribution network operators, such as public utilities but also large industrial companies have connection points to several voltage levels. Whether you handle low or medium voltage – we are available to you up to 52 kV and we develop network concepts for your project.

Medium and low voltage systems

The distribution of electrical energy on each voltage level requires meticulous planning. We adapt the respective design and conception to match the desired application. Our Dingolfing switching system construction department individually produces type-tested low voltage switching systems up to 2000 ampere. Other systems are acquired from leading manufacturers.

Transfer stations

Transformers are required where medium and low voltage meet to adapt the voltage to the respective network level. The transformed current is supplied at the transfer station into the respective network. It is used as the link to or as a separator from the higher ranking network. We offer you at any time our expertise for the planning, construction and operation of transfer stations!